I love New York.

21 May

Here’s a glimpse of the photo shoot I worked on last weekend in NYC with the talented photographer team from Avery House.  It was one of those jobs where the stars aligned and there was no way to stop magic from happening.  We had perfect weather, GREAT models, and an even better crew.  I got to pull from stores like Uniqlo, Top Shop, Madewell and Bergdorf Goodman (all with great return policies).  Working in NYC can be challenging because of the inability to shop with a car and long, long lines at checkout, but if you plan accordingly with your time,  a couple of push ups to prepare your shopping biceps, and map out the best spot to get what you need accomplished, it’s well worth it.  Last weekend was a giddy, I’m not sure why I can’t stop smiling, good time.  I love New York and can’t wait to work there again late spring.  Photos to come!

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