1 movie a day for 365 days.

25 May

I know, it’s kind of ambitious.  I sought out this goal about 9 months ago because I wanted to take a more critical look at costume design and also as research for styling.  I have a journal where I write notes on all the films as well as who the costume designer is and what films they’ve worked on.  When I share this goal to people, I get a lot of, “How do you have the time to do that?”  Well, I don’t BUT I have insomnia, which is gives me a lot more time in the day.  On this blog I plan on sharing films that inspire me or that have really left an impression.

This week I watched My Kid Could Paint That and Exit Through the Gift Shop back to back without knowing that they’re based around the same idea.  Both are documentaries about art and are executed very differently from one another but deal with the same issue of art being based around hype.  Banksy, the prolific and awe inspiring street artist made Exit Through the Gift Shop with the intentions of telling his story, but instead focuses on the videographer who had been documenting him for years and is now a hack artist who earns millions making art much like the street artists he used to document.  In My Kid Could Paint That, people start questioning the skills of a precocious 4 year old that sold paintings for thousands of dollars after they saw a 60 Minutes piece where she asked her dad to help her paint.  There was a huge backlash once people felt this 4 year old didn’t make the paintings on her own.  My question to those appalled by both films is, should it matter?  Don’t you just like the art?  Why does there need to be a back story?  What are you paying for anyways?  These films made me think about my own industry and why we all get hired for particular assignments.  In my world, hype=expectations.  You must live up to your hype for each assignment, preferably surpass it.

One Response to “1 movie a day for 365 days.”

  1. LessIsMaur May 26, 2010 at 9:28 AM #

    Can I just say… ELEPHANTS aren’t painters! No more than they are fire hydrants. It’s typical exploitation of a beautiful animal whose intelligence far exceeds the ability to paint the same landscape over and over.

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