To be continued….

16 Jun

I’ve been working more in film and video over the past year where I’ve been painstakingly focusing on the art of continuity.  It’s one of the most important tasks a costume or set designer undertakes because everything must make sense from frame to frame and be continuous.  This is something I never had to worry about in print.  Stylists in print’s only concern is the perspective from the camera.  No other angle in the room matters.  You’re also only concerned with that splice of 1/125th of a second.  It is by no means easier, just different.  But, as you know, you can really make or break a scene if the opening shot of the breakfast table has Sunny D and the cut going back to the same scene shows Hawaiian Punch.  Your goal is to avoid head scratching and appearing in the goofs category on IMdb.  Therefore, you have to document like a crazy woman absolutely everything that makes it to tape and keep referring back to your notes.

Last week I had a special opportunity to work with an outstanding crew on two short films shot on the south side of Chicago as a set decorator.  I can’t wait to see the final product!  Here are a couple of outtakes.

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