Rachel Zoe

19 Jul

I think television has done a funny thing for my job.  It has made everyone who likes to shop and is into fashion want to be a stylist.  I guess this is similar to girls who got married wanting to become a wedding planner.  Well “shoppingistas” (ista added with a strong connotation of snarkyness), it’s not quite what you think it is.  Sure, the Rachel Zoe jobs do exist, but they are very few and far between.  For the rest of us, it’s a lot of hauling bags around, research, and budgeting.  Oh, and you’re usually shopping at Target rather than having interns deliver Louis Vuitton to you.  I’m not saying this in a negative sense, it’s still an amazing job, but this job contains a little more upper lip sweat outbreaks than one would think and I mean that literally, I sweat a lot and in public, ew.

Yes, shopping is fun, but shopping can also make you googly eyed and a bit delirious if you do it for 10 hours a day for a number of days in a row.  Like any fun job, the fun is pushed to a level that we didn’t know existed and fun can actually become a big challenge.  This isn’t meant to be discouraging, but rather insightful.  Therefore, bring a hanky for your first assignment.  You’ll need it for dabbing.

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