Shiny, plastic cards.

10 Aug

I got a little scared when my intern told me that she was super excited to get her new credit card and just couldn’t decide what to buy.  Clearly, this is bad.  But for a girl that wants to be a wardrobe stylist, it’s even worse.  To be a wardrobe and prop stylist, you need to have credit and lots of it.  The more you have, the better.  Credit = Options.  Options cost money.  Bottom line, being a stylist is about having all the right options to present to the client.

How do you make this happen?  You never miss a payment and never, ever buy things you can’t pay off immediately.  Creating good credit doesn’t happen over night.  It takes years.  Therefore, if you’re in college and want to be a wardrobe stylist, I recommend you get going.  You should first get a job so you have some sort of income.  Then, start with one credit card and use it as if it was a debit card to start building good credit.  Trust me, you’ll be happy you did it once you get your first big advertising job.

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