Where to shop for wardrobe. Part 3 – Know a Store’s Identity

26 Aug

It is important to know stores’ identities so that you don’t waste time looking for items in the wrong stores.  When I say store’s identity, I mean what a store is known for or defined as.  For example, Gap=Casual, Banana Republic=casual business, Bebe=female late night, American Eagle-Teenage, French Connection-Urban casual business, etc.  Some stores are also known for their trademark logo or like to plaster their label across all of their merchandise.  For example, Polo might have great options for the upscale female demographic in their 40’s I’m shopping for, but I unfortunately can’t use their product because of their recognizable trademarked logo.  The same goes for Abercrombie when looking for tops for the teenage demographic.  Another example of this for colors is Club Monaco, who only work within a particular muted color scheme.   If you’re looking for brights, you don’t want to waste your time stopping here.

This is an easy part of the job that doesn’t take too long to learn.  Again, it’s a little bit of research to save a whole lot of time.

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