Farmer’s Market – Iceland

7 Sep

In a country where there are more sheep than people (only 300,000 in the entire country!), Icelanders  put a lot of thought in exclaiming their individuality.  Seeing how a wool sweater is the token souvenir for tourists to acquire because of the quality of their sheep’s wool, most natives rather be caught dead than blending in with the camera clicking crowd.  Then came Farmer’s Market.  What I love is that the husband and wife team behind Farmer’s Market decided not to rebel against the grain, rather work with their nation’s prize product and elevate it.  The outcome is a line of wool products that are hand knitted to flattering silhouettes while still being functional, and maintains a quality that would last you a lifetime.  I usually don’t buy things while I travel because I tend to only bring a backpack, but this time I made an exception worth testing my bag’s zippers capabilities.

Here is the billboard that sparked my interest as I came off the plane in the Keflavik airport.  I’m a sucker for anything woodsy and nostalgic looking.  It got me thinking about how in a country that is almost completely self sustainable in receiving very few imports manages to create such great advertising.  Maybe all you need is unlimited breath-taking scenery in every direction, the ability to breathe the cleanest air in the world, and a sheep to call your friend.  There are many more things to gush about in Iceland, but Farmer’s Market is a good place to start.  Make sure you check out their website.

And here’s a shot of their store in Reykjavik.

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