Hollywood East

10 Sep

Did you hear?  Boston is slated to be the next Hollywood?  Believe it.

Taken from Wikipedia:

Hollywood East is a term originally used for the recent growth of the film industry in New England, particularly Massachusetts and Connecticut, but is most often used as an alternate name for Plymouth Rock Studios, a movie studio opening in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 2010. The name is a reference to Hollywood, California, the center of the American Film History, located on the west coast of the United States. This term was popularized in the press in 2007 as film and television productions migrated to the east coast to take advantage of tax incentives put in place by several state governments. Old warehouses and office buildings have been used for filming due to a lack of infrastructure in the region, leading to several groups of developers coming forward with plans to build full service studios. Two notable developments in Massachusetts, Plymouth Rock Studios, based in Plymouth, and SouthField Studios, based in Weymouth were profiled in the Boston Globe in April 2008. More recently Plymouth Rock Studios has come into the spotlight after passing their Plymouth Town Meeting vote in October 2008 and announcing a partnership with MIT Media Lab in November that was featured in the New York Times. The partnership is described as “a fusion between technology and the arts” that the studio and MIT believe will come to define Hollywood East as a movement.

If only a Hollywood Midwest was in the works.

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