Renegade Craft Fair

13 Sep

It was great walking through Renegade this weekend to see the hoards of people looking for handmade goods with some sentiment.  If you haven’t heard, Renegade Craft Fair is the largest touring craft fair in the country.  We’re lucky enough in Chicago to have it pass through a couple of times of year.  It’s liable to make your head spin with having close to 300 artists selling a little piece of their heart to you, but well worth it in the end to support people by going back to the roots of what shopping should be in buying items that have a bit of history and a personal touch.  I’m not saying all shopping, you’re not going to find a lot of useful items like a pool vacuum, but you will find gifts that you shouldn’t be buying as your checking out of Marshalls.  The price tag may be a little bit higher, but it’s the back story that counts and the vendor you’re supporting that makes it worth it.  Bottom line, our country needs to start making things again.  If you don’t have that patience or time to knit a hat for your friends newborn, this is a good opportunity to support your neighbor that does.   Here’s a standout from this year:

Handmade dolls from Mimi Kirchner.  Items can be purchased at,

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