Modcloth selected #2 on Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 list.

24 Sep

It was very surprising to see a retailer, an independent retailer no less, at #2 on Inc. Magazine’s top 500 listModcloth is a website that specializes in indie, retro, and vintage apparel, accessories, shoes, and decor from independent designers and artists at an affordable price point.  Much like Obama, they believe in working at a grassroots level in interacting with their client through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and their Modlife Blog.  They also ask you to vote on potential inventory with the Be the Buyer program so you can have the opportunity to have your voice heard to keep the company fresh, relevant, and growing by leaps and bounds. This allows them to continually accommodate their shoppers by pioneering passion for modern trends.  Pretty smart if you ask me and apparently everyone else agrees.  Their 3 year growth is 17,191% and currently have 15.6 million in revenue.

If you’re interested in starting your own retail endeavor, I suggest you read this interview with the founder of Modcloth, Susan Gregg Kogar.  Click on her picture to bring you to the interview. 

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