TOPSHOP, Chicago?!!!

5 Oct

The British are finally coming!  Topshop has plans on opening their store on Michigan Avenue next to Filene’s Basement in the Fall of 2011.  Mary Homer, Topshop’s managing director says,
“A bustling, vibrant city of culture with a dynamic love of fashion, I feel confident that the local community and tourists alike will be drawn to Topshop and our trend-driven, ever-evolving ranges.”  “Michigan Avenue is steeped in history and this impressive building provides the perfect backdrop for us to launch our most innovative retail concept yet,” says Homer.

This will be Topshop’s second store in the U.S. following their flagship store in SoHo, NYC.  They plan on moving next to Las Vegas, San Fran and LA.  For those who aren’t familiar with the retail chain, think of it as a more advanced Forever 21 or H&M with Kate Moss as their style consultant.  Their prices are a bit steeper, but I find the quality overall a tad better.  Arguably, not enough to bring them to a higher price point, but like all trendy dirt cheap retail chains, the longevity of the items is very hit or miss.  In this case, I’m not too worried about the quality.  I’m mostly excited because I used them on a job in NYC and found their return policy to be incredibly friendly, which means I’ll be hitting it up hard for local assignments.

Click on the image to bring you to their website.

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