14 Oct

Seeing how I have no rhythm and clap to the beat like a 5 year old with a broken hearing aid, I’m not sure what it’s like to get on stage and play an instrument in front of a room full of people.  It’s got to freak out even the nerveless and is probably why some bands come off rehearsed and a bit flat or even worse, insincere.   As exemplified last night at the Metro, Japandroids don’t have this problem.  They knocked my socks off and I walked home feeling really inspired.  I love that there’s only 2 of them and they crank out more sound then 6 piece bands.  I also haven’t seen a band exhaust themselves like that before.  If musicians ran marathons, think of them as the Kenyans, especially the lead singer.  He left a big impression on me in how unaware of himself he was.  You could tell he would have performed at the same intensity if he was playing in his basement to an audience of cats.  I love that.  Just doing what you love until it completely exhausts you while never caring if other people are watching.  Dang, go see them if they play in your area.

Here’s some links to get you hooked.  Again, just click on the image.

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