My nostril’s pursuit to happiness.

2 Nov

Please excuse the pregame locker room speech, but I’ve found out somewhat of a breakthrough in my world.  I made my first visit ever to a ears, nose, and throat doctor and found out that 80% of my left nostril and 50% of my right is blocked by a deviated septum.  This is very exciting to me because I never even knew I had a problem!  When would I have ever had an opportunity to compare my nose to one that works?  I’ve always been satisfied with my limited breathing because it has been all I’ve known.  Basically, my nose has been a mere storage accessory rather than a windy cave.

Now for the moral of this story.  What if someone who breathes perfectly from their nose was given my nose?  I imagine they wouldn’t be too happy and would reflect on old times.  They wouldn’t want to settle for breathing through a coffee stirrer because they know what it’s like to breathe through a bubble tea straw.  This made me think about how happiness is relative.  Sometimes being naive can work in your favor.  This was also a good reminder to me that it’s best to be happy with what you have and make the most out of it.  Now I want to go get my kidney checked and see what other life lesson I can ponder.

My surgery for my deviated septum is in exactly 2 weeks.  Has anyone had this done before?  Any words of advice?

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