Nifty NFTE

3 Nov

After plucking at people’s shirts and sniffing the air of every fine mall in the area, I found I needed a little balance.   Here’s an amazing program and great volunteer opportunity, especially for those who freelance and can’t commit to anything long term because of their unpredictable schedules.  NFTE- Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship provides programs that inspire young people from low-income communities to  recognize business opportunities and plan for their financial futures.  In a NFTE program students learn business concepts, practice skills including negotiation and pricing, and work on completion of business plans for their own individual businesses.  Pretty awesome, right?  That’s just a taste of the awesomeness that goes on.

A huge part of the success of the program is in bringing in outside speakers to come and speak the students directly.  They’re looking for more creatives to come into their classrooms because it’s a frequently requested career path.  I just did my first volunteer session last week where I spoke to two different classes about what it means to freelance in a creative field and what to expect.  It was a really rewarding experience and I can’t wait to visit a different school.  You might think, “Dang, I don’t live in Chicago, but I would love to volunteer!”  You still can my friends.  NFTE is in 22 states and 9 countries.  If you click here or HERE, you can hear about the program and all the different opportunities they offer.

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