“Food is the new rock & roll.”

11 Nov

I’m not sure where my husband heard this quote, but he sure loves to repeat it and I’d have to admit, I kind of agree.  Food definitely has more of a media presence seeing how chefs are all over prime time network television and Justin Bieber can only be seen performing Fridays on the Today show.  Maybe it’s because we’re all sick of our pop music options and food never stops being delicious.  Accomplished chefs have become celebrities and restaurants have become the new hot ticket.   With all that being said, I had to restrain from screaming like a 12-year-old girl when work allowed me to step foot into Alinea’s kitchen last week.  HOLY ****!  It bursted my bubble.  Voted the best restaurant in the Americas and #7 in the world, I now only wonder, what does 4, 5, and 6’s kitchen look like on a Saturday night?  I guess when you’re cooking magic, quite literally, you need to operate like a Swiss machine.  The 25 chefs (guestimate) who working in the 500 square foot kitchen (another guestimate) operated like swift feathers.  I swear, you could whisper across the room and be heard, and on a Saturday night?  This was an operation that could only be mandated by a true visionary (Chef Grant), and I felt truly honored to see it in action.  Now I need to save my pennies to eat there and when I say pennies, I mean a mortgage payment for me and my better half to enjoy this epic concert.  Worth it?  I don’t have any doubts.

Here’s a couple of photos I asked the hair and make up artist to take of me in the entrance hall to the restaurant.  It’s a strange combination of Alice in Wonderland and 2001 Space Odyssey, with a hint of Back to the Future Part 2.   

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