GOooooooooaaaaaaaallll l l llll.

3 Dec

Doing a soccer shoot with a Brit made it seem much more legit.  It was the first cold night of the season coupled with hurricane force winds (our pizza blew away, devastating,) but the FOOTBALL game went on! I provided wardrobe for these talented and strikingly good looking athletes.  Apparently, some people have it all.  It’s not too often that I get to combine my love for sports and making pictures and I thank just about the coolest photographer around, Thomas Chadwick for letting be part of this promo.  With Thomas’s edgy lighting, we wanted to keep color to a minimum, hence the lack of color palette.    I also had to get kind of clever because we were shooting in a desolate parking lot at night with no power to steam and had to use my car as a dressing station with a rack going through the back seat, but in the end everything worked out beautifully.  This is the first image from the series.  Enjoy.

Make sure you check out Thomas Chadwick’s work at

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