Wardrobe styling has killed the joy of holiday shopping.

23 Dec

I hate to say it, but it’s true.  I did 90% of my holiday shopping online because I try to conserve all my shopping energy for my job, especially during the holiday season.  As you could guess, prepping a wardrobe job takes twice as long due to the number of shoppers and the amateur sales clerks that mass retail stores hire during their busy season.  Then there’s the music, the trendy Christmas music CD that every retail establishment plays on repeat that makes me want to swallow a candy cane whole.  The only bonus to this time of year is you don’t look quite as crazy when you’re returning 10 pairs of slippers in 3 different sizes and multiple shades.  Maybe the brandy new sales clerk just assumes that I aim to please my husband and I like to present “options” under the tree.

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