How to sell yourself as a wardrobe stylist to the crew who already knows you in a different role.

17 Jan

I found this to be the biggest challenge for me.  In my grand plan for becoming successful in the industry, I wanted to first learn every single angle.  This meant that I spent a large part of my 20’s acting as a sponge and not saying no to any job opportunity.  I wanted to be a jack of all trades and try every role of the crew and then some.  I assisted photo reps, worked at a camera store, was a production assistant, production coordinator, assisted photographers and of course, assisted a TON of stylists.  I wanted to see how everyone does it, whether I had preemptive thoughts of if it was going to good or bad.  You learn on every production and it was my goal to just be part of it.  The unfortunate side to all of this was that I got really well known as being a reliable assistant and people like to keep you around in that role.  Producers and photographers hire you based on your track record and like to have a crew where they are well aware of their capabilities.  Convincing them that you’ve been successful as a wardrobe stylist with other crews can take some time.  A great way to prove yourself is to test with photographers or work at a lower rate (even free) on a crew if asked.  Budgets aren’t always big, even sometimes non existent, but if taking the pay cut means you’re making a great connection with excellent people then it’s worth far more than a check in the future.

If you’re looking to transition out of being an assistant in the photo industry, you must come to the Life After Assisting talk this Saturday, January 22,  at Columbia College, Studio East, 3rd Floor 1006 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL.

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