You got the job.

20 Jan

You got a job as the head wardrobe stylist!  Now what?  Panic?  Heart failure? Embarrassing loud and heavy uncontrollable breathing?  Well, kind of.  It’s good to panic because this is your opportunity to shine.  Each job is not only executing what was asked of you, that’s expected.  What brings you back is what you do on top of that.  Capitalizing on this is the best opportunity to market yourself.  I’m not saying wear a puffy paint shirt with your website on it or passing out your card to every single crew member, I’m saying start by doing what was asked of you and finish it by going above and beyond that.  That’s what people remember.  Like all sales, it’s the not only the big ticket item you need to follow through on, it’s also the icing on the cake.

Furthermore, never take a job for granted no matter how big or small it is (that includes pay.)  If you agree to do it then you must be all in.  You can’t bring less options to the job you’re getting paid considerably less for because at the end of the day your name is attached to that image and you’re still representing those you’re working with.

Last but not least, it’s important to never forget the weight of your role.   A photo crew operates like a fine oiled machine.  If one element is off and you don’t follow through on your end, then the job falls flat and a lot of money can be lost.  You should feel a tremendous amount of pressure on your shoulders because someone has put a lot of faith in your skills to keep this from happening.  Sure, things do happen and sometimes there is a miscommunication or an oversight.  How well you deal with these hiccups is as important as anything else.  That’s why coming up with a serious game plan of how to tackle each job and making sure your communicating with the creatives (art director, photographer and producer) is so important.  These are things you don’t learn as an assistant or at least I didn’t anyway.  But have no fear, you will learn it quickly because, well, you’re it.  Remember?  That’s why you assisted and worked so hard all this time.

I promise this is the last time I will sound like a broken record!  If you’re looking to transition out of being an assistant in the photo industry, you must come to the Life After Assisting talk this Saturday, January 22,  at Columbia College, Studio East, 3rd Floor 1006 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL.

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