Liberty & Justice- A new t-shirt line with a purpose.

25 Jan

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I was humbled to be part of this inspiring project that I styled a couple months ago with photographer, Thomas Chadwick for a new non-for-profit organization called Liberty & Justice.  Here’s more about the women behind the t-shirts from their website:

“Inspired by their compatriots who had risked everything in the name of peace, a small group of grassroots Liberian women decided to take an economic stand. While many of their neighbors sell garments locally, these women partnered with Liberty & Justice to launch Africa’s first Fair Trade Certified apparel factory, and subsequently go global. Every time a shirt is purchased here or through one of our partners, another woman in Liberia gets closer to pulling herself out of poverty.”

F**king awesome, right?  It get’s better:

“In 2003, hundreds of Liberian women took to the streets in protest of Charles Taylor’s brutal civil war. They walked unarmed into Monrovia’s escalating violence, wearing bright white t-shirts and headscarves to symbolize their plea for peace. The risk was huge, but others began to follow, and ultimately this gratuitous display of hope could not be ignored.

By September, the United Nations Mission in Liberia began one of the most successful disarmament campaigns in African history. By 2005, the women of Liberia propelled Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to the nation’s highest office – making her Africa’s first elected female head of state. The women’s prayers for peace were finally answered – but their struggle for economic prosperity was still raging.”

Please visit their website @

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