16 Feb

Going into this, I knew very little except for that it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.  I wish someone said to me, “Prepare to feel defeated, inconsolably sad, and like you want an ice cream sundae to dry up the tears.”  Damn, a great movie I never, ever want to see again.

Directed and written by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who also did 21 Grams and Babel, must have the token saying while directing, “Reshoot! I need more sadness!”    Javier Bardem is the star, who I love, and is nothing short of amazing in this, but dang, seeing how he’s a method actor and all, he must have gone through some pretty torturous weeks to get into this role. Beyond the content, which goes from bad to worst, the film is aesthetically disgustingly beautiful, or biutiful, to look at.  There isn’t one cheerful color or one sunny day that brings a break to the viewer.  Or was there?  I only remember extreme darkness.  It’s gritty, often hard to look at, and really gets the job done in making you feel, well, like you have terminal cancer in a city’s slum too.  Go see it, but not at night, preferably on a sunny day, with a bunch of bright-colored candy in tote to bring a little bit of happy to the most depressing movie you’ll ever see.

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