7 Mar

I heart this blog about costume design for the big screen.  Frocktalk is written by Kristin M. Burke, who has designed for over 40 films and written two books on the art of costume design.  Not only does she interview some of the top CDs in the industry, she also writes reviews of the CD for current films along with her well known costume design friends AND gives many heart felt inside looks to working as a costume designer in Hollywood.

Here’s a quote that I love, written by Burke:

Costumes don’t have to be fancy, fussy, expensive or gorgeous to be good.  In fact, most of the costumes we will discuss on this site are, at first glance, rather ordinary.  They become extraordinary, however, when one discovers their deeper meaning.  It is the job of the costume designer to bring the character to life, to inform the audience who this person is, and what he is about, before the actor can even open his mouth.   What we as costume designers seek is appropriateness, costumes that evoke a story and set the scene for our characters.

Check out Frocktalk at

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