Taking photos on set.

15 Mar

This is something that came up at a recent panel discussion at Columbia College.  Is it ok for crew members to take photos on set?  The general consensus was, don’t do it.

It’s tempting, especially if you have blog and would like to share what you’re doing, but unfortunately it is a quick way to upset the photographer and even worse, the client.  First, you’re hired to be attentive, but this doesn’t include documenting.  Secondly, there’s all sorts of untold rules about posting these things before they are published to the public.  This is why you’ll never see me post about the advertising jobs I work on.  Half of the time you sign confidentiality agreements to not share your knowledge about the new product, the other half of the time you’re too busy to be thinking about it.  It’s fine to take photos of your friends, but never, ever take photos of the set and publish them before you get the go ahead.

There are a couple of exceptions; taking behind the scenes shots of a test you’re working on or even some editorial shoots, but it’s still always good to ask.  It’s usually a tricky call to make on your own and it’s better to be safe then apologetic.

Sorry for the boring post, but it’s a gray area that isn’t addressed enough.

One Response to “Taking photos on set.”

  1. Callie Lipkin March 17, 2011 at 7:48 AM #

    I couldn’t agree more Courtney – I would also add to crew members etiquette:

    If I am not tweeting it, its not information for you to share.

    What I am working on, who I am working with, personal information about me, etc. You never know what is going on behind the scenes with Client relationships and why or why not things need to be kept discreet so best to watch what the photographer is saying publicly and use that as a guideline.

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