Penny Chic – Putting Walmart on a fashion pedestal.

17 Mar

Not to stand up on a soapbox here or anything, but this blog gets under my skin.  L.A.-based blogger, Shauna Miller, is making it her mission to empower women to shop at Walmart by “putting Wal-Mart on a fashion pedestal” through her blog, Penny Chic.  She makes the point that it is easier to put an outfit together if you have unlimited funding and are able to buy nicer goods at better stores.  She argues the challenge is looking stylish when you don’t have the money.  Sure, I’m following you there, but Shauna, here’s where I think you’re missing the point.  Clothing, much like what we eat, should be a conscience choice.  You shouldn’t purchase things just because they’re cheap.  I realize that not everyone has the funds to buy nicer garments or even prioritizes it.  Again, I’m right there with you, but much like the food we eat, we need to start thinking about where these things are coming from, why they are so dang cheap, and who we’re supporting when we do fill our closets with these too good to be true finds.  Our closets are expanding (not mine, according to my daily dosage of HGTV House Hunters where women won’t settle for anything less than a tennis court sized walk-in closet), and what we fill them with is losing it’s value.  My advice, less is more.

Well-made garments should be expensive.  It’s a craft, a difficult one, where love and thought goes into the construction.  Also, you can only wear one shirt at a time, so why do you need 40 of them at 1/20th of the price.  The thing is, you don’t.  As we all know and shouldn’t be forgotten, Walmart makes it really tough for those who put love into what they make to stay competitive with their prices.  Walmart is there to fill in the holes, but not to be your #1 resource for anything.  You can be smart, penny chic, and supportive.  It just might take a little more thought than one stop shopping.

P.S.- I’m about 90% sure that Walmart hired this chick to start this blog and make a commotion about it.

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