17 year old, Olivia Bee

18 Apr

My friend just told me about the photographer Olivia Bee, who has ad campaigns under her belt with Converse and Nike and is ONLY SEVENTEEN!  Her landing these accounts is far from luck with having one of the most successful and prolific Flicker accounts out there, which gained her notoriety.  The question is, how do you know how to conduct a photo shoot when you most likely only have “Soft Serve Attendant” on your resume?  I’m guessing you get all Justin Bieber and hire really great crew.  Regardless, Olivia Bee’s work holds its own.  It’s refreshing to see what lies before photo school and years of assisting with Olivia’s unadulterated outlook.  She simply takes pictures of her friends, really, really well.

The lesson to be learned is:  Save your money kids, art school is for the unproductive.

Take a look.  Click on Olivia’s image below to be blown away.

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