The Logistics

28 Apr

Warning! Boring post to anyone but those who want to be a stylist. Besides the creative side of the job, you also need to become a logistical master of your domain. Sounds lofty, and it kind of is. What I mean is that you need to really know your city or the city you’re traveling to for work. So much of being a good stylist is efficiency. That means being able to find the best stuff within the time given. You can’t be a Sunday shopper.  It also means not having an asthma attack on the street because you thought you could handle one more stop with 2 more bags added to the 7 you’re already carrying before you went back to your car on the 8th floor of the parking garage a half of mile away. Having a good strategy while working in a big city is crucial.  I thank the stylists dearly who I assisted for that taught me the best places to park to get the most bang for my shopping buck.  My back thanks them too and so does my wallet.  Parking gets ugly when you’re working in Chicago and NYC if you have to park all over the place due to poor planning.  It’s an easy way to burn your budget.  Strategy my friends.  Oh, and Ikea bags.  Best stylist tool ever.  More acceptable than the Granny cart for monster returns, a half mile away.  Go blue!

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