LA Round UP – Part One

2 May

TenOverSix–   Started off with accessories, now how has a little bit of everything you want from apparel to books, this bright white store that’s perfectly edited is here to stay, and started during the recession no less.  Voted as one of the top 5 boutiques in the country by the New York Times, and for good reason.  You can tell a lot of love goes into each of the store’s selections.  You won’t walk away with a paper bag full of goods, (unless you eat money mcmuffins for breakfast), but you will leave with a million ideas.  They also have the coolest bag I’ve seen in a long time, from Slow and Steady Wins the Race, the four-sided Birken that you can see HERE.

Located 8425 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA.  Check out their website at,

Mohawk General Store–  I’m a sucker for anything that is designed with an old world north woods flare, therefore my creepy, unexplainable to others smile while browsing through this store was tough to wipe away.  I feel like this store was meant for me.  If I had unlimited funds, I would curate my closet with everything they sell.  They carry A.P.C., Generic Surplus, Industry of All Nations, Rachel Comey, and much, much, more.  To top it off, they display it on the most beautiful mid century modern furniture from Amsterdam Modern.  No wonder they have unlimited good press.  If you’re ever galivanting through the great LA neighborhood called Silver Lake, make sure you give this store a stiff browse.

Creatures of Comfort–  Filled with a whole lot of whimsey, and subtle, one of a kind details, it’s hard to do a quick lap through this store without admiring all the work that goes into every piece.  With that being said, they weren’t lying when they gave it their name because you won’t find anything that you wouldn’t want to wear on a 12 hour flight.  There’s plenty from great up and coming designers, such as Isabel Marant, Bernard Wilhem, Alexander Wang and Opening Ceremony.  You’ll say a lot to yourself while browsing, “It’s so ugly, it’s pretty,” which also creates the feeling of things being unexpectedly cool, but timeless, a fine line to achieve.

After 6 years of success on Melrose in LA, and an overwhelming demand for an outpost in NYC, they opened a store in Nolita, but I doubt they’ll stop there.  With store owner Jade Lai’s creativity, I bet we’ll start to see store concepts we’ve never seen before.  For example, she recently hosted an event for United Bamboo’s cat pin-up calendar, curated a photography exhibition by Peter Sutherland that documented a Nepalese workshop and opened a store-within-a-store for Playmountain, a design boutique in Tokyo that features artisanal housewares.  I’m very excited to see what Creatures of Comfort does next.

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