LA Round UP – Part Two

5 May

Driftwood- With its focus on reclaimed timber furniture and decor (they weren’t kidding about the name), the store’s edits contain articles that work around its rustic counterparts and make you feel like someone did really, really well at the best flea market you just missed.  You may want to call it more of a general store, having equal parts furniture, books, and home chotskies, to apparel, accessories and shoes.  An easy and more affordable one stop shop for your hip, tree hugging enthusiast.  You’ll even find some vintage worked into the apparel selects.  Located across the street from Mohawk General Store in Silver Lake LA, this store extends its North Woods flare, something I personally can’t get enough of.

They have a limited selection online at,

Resurrection- This high-end designer vintage store does a large part of their business to studio and print pulls, but you may buy the pieces yourself if you sold something small, like your home and/or Bentley.  You must be buzzed into the store and it’s very much of a look, but don’t touch type of situation.  Nonetheless, it’s really excited to see Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, whomever else gowns from long before I was born in perfect condition.  I also saw the largest Chanel bag I’ve ever seen, tucked high away from anyone’s grubby fingers, but close enough to think, dang… bring out the 24 hour guards because you would lose your arm if you dared to carry it down the street.  With a sister store in NY and a constantly updated online store, Resurrection Vintage is a great place to be inspired.

Here’s what you’ll see before you get buzzed.  Check out their website HERE.

Fred Segal

LA’s very own department store, but far from what you’d consider typical.  It fits the description in that you can shop for your whole family, your feet, and your home, but the vine-covered building is filled mostly with independent designers, with a J. Crew corner here and there.  I’ve been following this store for a while, hadn’t been able to peak my head in until now, and I’d hate to say I was a bit underwhelmed.  Maybe it’s the trend that’s in season, but I felt like I was in an overpriced pastel Pottery Barn display.  It took high-end beachy to the next level, which feels like an oxymoron.  Filled with mostly casual wear, I found that a 15 minute browse did the store justice.  I hate to be negative about a store that has had continued success, but it didn’t quite get the juices flowing.  Maybe next season.

Opening Ceremony–  The single best store, EVER!  I geek out in here.  I annoyingly press the sales clerks with questions and admittedly aim to touch every article of clothing they sell.  I have to get the most out of it while I’m there because my credit cards would sweat tears if I dare brought anything home.  You won’t find a stitch of anything that feels mundane, it’s only filled with the other worldly.  A good chunk of people would feel like a jackass attempting to wear half of the stuff, but that’s not the point.  Not to sound heavy-handed, but it’s ready-to-wear art, that is, if you don’t mind pit staining your art.  I have now gone to all three outposts in Tokyo, NYC and LA and only wish I was a neighbor.  The store is even capable of making you chuckle.  Look at this Rodarte for Opening Ceremony dress.  It’s nothing short of the dresses made from curtains for the Von Trapp family in The Sound of Music.

The store stands alone off from the high-end stores on Melrose on La Cienaga Blvd and resembles a 1950’s car dealership, with big iron letters wrapped in Christmas lights out front.  There are many nooks and crannies with its jigsaw layout.  Make sure you don’t miss a crevice because there’s a lot of thought and love that went into each one.  Click on the picture below to bring you to the site.

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