1 Year Old

23 May

Goochie, goochie, baby blog, you’re one year old!  I started this on a whim and it has strangely become something that’s close to the front of my extra large head at all times.  I feel oddly committed to it like it’s my pet goldfish.  In reality, I shouldn’t care about it, but you’d hate to kill your goldfish.  So here I am, 124 posts later, wondering why?  I started this blog with the intentions of sharing all the tests I was working on, but then I got into the writing aspect of it, rather than just posting personal work.  It makes me dive into topics that would have originally been an abrupt burp in my brain and never articulated.  I was always anti let’s write down our feelings, therefore I’m a bit ashamed I skipped the 7th grade diary and went straight to blogging, but in a very strange way it has been really good for me.  The fact that it’s out there in the open makes you really think about how you want to present your burps.  In a sense, it’s exactly that, annoying to some and enjoyable to others.  Look, right there, an Ah-ha moment through online self exploration, blogs are burps.  Thanks for reading my friends.  Let’s keep this goldfish alive.

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