The Cuteness Factor

2 Jun

A stylist’s cuteness expertise does not play into why they pick certain wardrobe for a shot or scene.  If it was just a matter of things being cute, you would hire a cuteness expert.  I imagine this person only wears pink, gets really excited over the bi-annual Victoria Secret sale, and/or smells like a freshly bathed puppy.  Sure, I like cute clothing just as much as the next person, but that’s not my focus when making selections.  In fact, it’s rarely about the overall consensus of what’s the cutest item on the rack.  Deciding factors include how the item works in its environment, how it works with the other model’s wardrobe selects, how it plays into the overall direction of the story being told, and whether or not it compliments the product.  The cuteness, in my eyes, happens as a result of all the factors previously mentioned working together.


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