Mira Black Album/Website Art

19 Jul

Here are two images taken for Mira Black’s new website and soon to be album.  This project was a true collaboration, in every sense of the word, from the ground up.  The super awesome crew that I was lucky to do the wardrobe styling for, Tracy Graham-Photographer, Cezar Perez – set builder/art department, came in with the clear art direction from the music producer saying, “Just don’t do what was done before.”  This brought on a little bit of pressure, but more importantly, excitement to an open field of what could be created.  The challenge for wardrobe styling was coming up with age appropriate looks that went with the overall theme and setting.  Lucky for me, Mira is a chameleon, completely open to new ideas, and can pull off a wide range of looks.  We shot this in the supposed haunted theater on the top floor of the famous music venue, The Metro, where the stars aligned, and some images to be proud of were made.

Make sure you check out the following websites:

Mira Black’s new website, www.mirablack.com.

The super talented photographer, Tracy Graham, www.tracygrahamcracker.com

The all around amazing artist, Cezar Perez, http://www.flickr.com/czrprz,

Your one stop shop for making your band awesome, VEOBA.

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