Your room, your space

15 Aug

As a kid, your room was the only space that was “yours” and you took great pride in making it your sanctuary of everything that was important to you at the time.  Your room defined you, with thumbtacks holding all that was important (magazine tears, friendship bracelets, passed letters from homeroom (that may be telling my age too much)), for everyone to see when they entered.  Then you grow up, shop the home section at Marshalls, and buy a bunch of filler, generic framed pictures of plants you never heard of.  Maybe it’s because you now own more than 4 walls, or maybe it’s just simply no longer a priority, or maybe it’s that we’ve all seen Hoarders on A&E, and fear that we’ll become obsessed and start decorating the inside walls of our stoves.   Here’s some inspiration of adults who are still big kids and choose to wear their hearts on their eggshell covered walls.  A little inspiration for your Monday afternoon.

Chloe Seveigny’s room many moons ago.

Misha Hollenbach’s home taken from The Selby.

Style Rookie, Tavi Gevinson’s wall of crowns (not an adult, but she’s awesome.)

Photos taken by Backyard Bill of Hickey Freeman’s room.

India Salvor Menuez, by Backyard Bill.

LA Designer Catherin Hammertine.

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