My afternoon with The Style Rookie

18 Aug

I close my eyes and imagine that I’m fifteen again, hanging out with my best friend, listening to Pixies and Pavement records while talking about our major obsessions of the moment, Jordan Catalano (My So-Called Life) and Courtney Love.  The reality of what was previously stated is true, except it’s no longer 1994 and I’m old, I’m hanging out with someone half my age who knows nothing about me while I know too much about her, and she just happens to be Chicago’s biggest gift to the current fashion world.

I was asked by photographer, Peter Yang (!!!) to accompany him to take pictures of Tavi Gevinson, better known as The Style Rookie for New York Times Magazine.  No styling was necessary for obvious reasons, he was just nice enough to ask me to join him because he knew I’d lose my cookies in excitement.  I’ve posted about Tavi before, but let me recap her awesomeness for you: At the mere age of 15 she already has a famed blog, has  a magazine in the works with Jane and former Sassy editors called Rookie, and is invited to sit front row at a myriad of fashion shows at New York, Paris, and any other Fashion Week you can think of.  Her blog, The Style Rookie, gained her notoriety at 11 years old with her reviews of designer’s collections and self portraits of her personal style, and is now looked at as one of the most influential names in fashion.  She brushes elbows with Ann Wintours, discusses fashion concepts with Rodarte, yet showed up back at her house for the photo shoot after a sleepover party with friends.  I have to be honest, the first time I read her blog, I didn’t believe that a pre-pubescent teen could write so well.  I truly thought that their was a savvy mom out there who had the smarts to use her daughter as publicity bait and dress her in clothes a suburban mom wouldn’t be caught dead in.  The question of Tavi’s legitimacy had left me long ago, and spending the afternoon with her only brought confirmation on how precocious this teenager really is.

Seeing how I was not granted a formal interview and curiosity was the steam engine to my million questions I asked Tavi, I feel weird going into too much detail of what was said because little does she know that I’d be writing a blog post about her.  I’m writing this post, selfishly, out of my own personal excitement.  I just had to share.  Tavi Gevinson, when you’re old enough to get a beer and it’s no longer weird that I’m twice you’re age, I’m here waiting to be your best friend, or at the very least, listen to Pixies’ Surfer Rosa and recap 90’s pop culture.

Here’s an interview with Tavi conducted by Katie Couric for Glamour Magazine, HERE.

Here’s some of Tavi’s famous looks from ages 12 to 15.

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