I’d eat documentaries for breakfast everyday if I could.

26 Aug

After seeing Senna last night, it has been confirmed… There’s nothing better than a good documentary.  I’m not even saying in the realm of film exclusively, more like there’s nothing better in life.  When I was doing my silly (yet very satisfying) project of watching a film a day for a year, I did my fare share of working in some wholesome documentaries, which brings me to my second conclusion: watching documentaries is the best thing you can do for stay at home research in the world of wardrobe styling.  You get to explore a portal to a world that you would never normally be able to be a part of.   For instance, I didn’t know the Donkey Kong champion looks like a limo driver, which in my mind is good to know.  I also didn’t know what someone who was obsessed with 80’s pop icon Tiffany in 2010 would look like a serial killer.  Again, good to know.  This beats doing research through feature films because all the characters have been painstakingly calculated from a bunch of super creative people, while a documentary shows you as it is, undoubtedly from a perspective, but without too much idling in the wardrobe department.  Documentaries are 90 to 120 minutes of solid spying that burn a deep hole in my memory for stereotypes that I can pull out of my hat upon job requests.  Thank god for Netflix instant stream.  Oh, and make sure you see Senna.  It will take you on a memorable ride.  If nothing else, you get to stare at this handsome chap for 2 hours.

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