Chicago based designers, Creatures of the Wind

14 Sep

Chris Peters and Shane Gabier from Chicago based clothing line Creatures of the Wind, are some of the few Chicago based designers who are earning some steam internationally for their Spring 2012 line.  “The whole collection was inspired by the idea of second sights and holy, mystic visions,” Peters said during a preview of the collection. “Our fabric choices came from examining psychedelic artists and experiences.”    Many agree, if drugs is what it takes, by all means boys…  It worked for the Beatles, and is clearly working for Creatures of the Wind.

Taken from WWD:

The designers mixed and matched fabrics, reversing floral jacquards to give the look a rawer, more iridescent texture — such as a jacket that also featured black lace and silver moiré. Some of the silhouettes had a feminine, vintage feel, but the duo also offered a few more modern looks, including a white silk faille dress with a sequined shoulder treatment. Peters and Gabier toyed with the idea of revealing layers, cutting away a portion at the torso of a navy dress to deliberately expose the silk lining.

You can find Creatures of the Wind in Chicago at Ikram, 15 E. Huron St., or elsewhere here.

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