Best Soft Good Styling EVER!

15 Feb

And I had no part in it, but I did style the cute girl sitting on the top of this pile of fabric goodness.

If you’re wondering who did this colossal masterpiece of squishy fabric, you’ll have to thank the prop crew for the Land of Nod Spring catalog.  The prop team consists of Dane Holweger from LA, and Chicago locals, Melissa Elias and Justin Vandenberg.  You’d be surprised how to tough it is to stack that many unmade beds and make it look that inviting.

As for the doll sitting at the top, her outfit came from a scary expensive to destroy Anthropologie nightgown, which I cut the sleeves off.  I then sliced my personal polka dot scarf that I got at Walgreens 8 years ago into strips to adorn the sleeves.

Here’s a couple of other highlights of the wardrobe I did for the Land of Nod Spring catalog.

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3 Responses to “Best Soft Good Styling EVER!”

  1. Dane Holweger February 28, 2012 at 12:03 PM #

    I’d like to just say thank you for the shout out AND for bringing exactly the right elements to all these shots. Honestly, the prop clothes in these pics strike just the right inspired balance. As for the photography of the always inspired Philip Newton – well, I think it speaks beautifully for itself. xx Dane

    • courtneyrust February 28, 2012 at 6:30 PM #

      Your creativity is truly inspiring and makes me a better stylist because I have to compliment your amazing work!

  2. Autumn March 14, 2012 at 9:17 AM #

    Wow, how lovely to stumble upon your blog, the blog of the person who actually styled/created the dress I actually puzzled over when the Land of Nod catalog arrived at my house…those drifty ribbony polkadotty shreds are so lovely, you styled quite an elegant modern yet homespun sort of look – very creative, very Wow!

    So I have a question for you: do you work with the toy stylists for Land of Nod ever? I am “just a mom” with a BFA in Fine Arts and my biggest creative outlet these days, besides making babies, (haha 6 so far) is making our home as fun/pretty/interesting as I can…(I guess I fancy myself a stylist with one client ha!) (I also make a lot of our playthings…)

    Anyhow there’s a lidded round box or tin that someone with fabulous taste has placed in a few of the Land of Nod pages that is HAUNTING me – I want one! If you feel halfway curious it’s pictured in the paper catalog pg 39, bottom shelf, next to the white yarn spheres, and it’s also online here: in the 4th picture with the orange chair- in the background, on the bookshelf next to the ‘flowers’.

    (If Land of Nod powers that be ever wonder if the styling in their catalogs matter, I feel like I’m proof it DOES – it inspires Great Item Lust!)

    Yes, I realize it’s kinda nuts to ask you to help me figure out where this box/tin came from, so I’m really not – I’m sure you’re far to busy, but perhaps you could nod me in the direction of the toy stylists and I could politely beleagure them?

    I called the catalog once before to ask about a toy airplane, was shuffled around, never was able to speak with anyone who knew anything, and finally, after about a year of periodic googling, I stumbled upon the toy line. By Playsam. (Totally gorgeous and high end expensive, but I did end up buying 2!) It was a fun chase, almost, but wish I could have just asked someone who knew!

    So I’m asking you, do you know who styles the toys and could you/would you? My mom always says it doesn’t hurt to ask 🙂

    You would have my undying gratitude and maybe I’d send you a little homemade token in thanks!

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